Yeah, yeah, yeah … been there, done that right?

We Goans are great at maximizing the use of our two wheelers when it comes to convenience and cost-saving. I do not lie in the cartoon above as I’ve seen my own uncle use his scooter like that!

Since I manage construction sites in Dubai, I am very safety-conscious everywhere, every time! Even my wife is fed up with me pointing out her safety lapses. My frustration knows no bounds when I am on holiday in Goa and I see saree and shalwaar khameez/oddni-clad ladies riding pillion on motorbikes! Scooters i can understand but Motorbikes? What if the saree or oddni gets snagged into the speeding wheel of the bike? You don’t want to imagine that right? Then there are those who transport long bamboos on their shoulders on bikes! How idiotic can that be? Transporting trussed up pigs (Read my post ‘Heaven in a Plate!) on scooties i understand but transforming your scooter into a minibus i don’t! But then anything goes in Goa right?

There was a time when I would ride triple-seat on a bicycle. Sitting on the ‘dando’ (beam) would give one cramps in the leg. The best seat on a bicycle used to be the luggage rack at the back. Having your girlfriend sit on the bicycle in front with her hair blowing into your face used to be the best feeling in the world… ahh! Such great memories! I will leave those for another post!

Going back to my ‘scooti-bus’ … My first ride on a motorbike was on my uncle’s ‘Lambretta’. I loved it so much that I would wash it everyday and even clean the carburetor and spark plug myself. This bike could pull a load i tell you! We must have transported atleast 30 tender coconuts per trip from Benaulim to Margao plus the load of the two of us seated on the bike!

I believe i have rambled enough on this topic and i hope you will realize how unsafe it is to misuse your motorbikes in the ways described above. Please drive safely and keep Goa free of road accidents!


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