Fat Mama

Early yesterday morning, my wife, son and I decided to take a walk soon after breakfast. Yerevan (Armenia) was just stirring with life and a few early birds were seen going about their morning chores. A gardener was wetting his flower beds, getting them ready to face up to the heat of the midday that was to be unleashed on them. A flower-seller was arranging his stall under a tree that had leaves like a maple tree, probably praying that a love-struck human would come his way and buy a few red roses or perhaps an undertaker, taking his bucket load of whites to bind a wreath.

We kept walking further down the slope with Leroy stopping frequently taking macros of colourful beetles and graffiti on ‘holey’ travertine walls. The governmental buildings appeared resplendent with the ‘tufa’ stone showing off its pinkish hues, with the subtle variations creating a pixelated façade punctuated with timber windows bouncing off the soft rays of the sleepy sun, filtered by the tall trees lining the avenue. Outside the formidable gates, an elderly lady sweeps away leaves from the driveway, holding a broom never seen before – a large spatula-shaped collection of straw, bound together with colourful cords, which form a handle with the lower end fanning out to form the broom. It was nothing like the brooms we have in Goa –  The ‘saronn’ (Goan broom made from palm riblets tied together with a coir rope, forming a conical handle on top) was a totally different design, one which needs to be celebrated in my sketches, as i have experienced the many ways i myself have used it! (That’s for a separate post!).  I murmured to myself that i should have brought my sketchbook and black pens to do a funny caricature of her – Her large body, the almost Goan frock, her curly mop of hair, peppered with greys and whites, and a large smile but not particularly for me as she was smiling at something whirring in her own head, focussed on the semi-dry leaves, messing the pathway.

I had tucked away the image safely in my mind and when i sat in the plane early this morning, I couldn’t resist the white of the ‘sick bag’ staring at me …

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