‘Sossegado’ Goenkar!

Sossegado Goenkar.jpg

We Goans are called ‘Sossegado’ (Not ‘lazy’ but ‘laid-back’!). We have our ‘quirks’ like the ones which I have witnessed in my own life …

  • We would rather have things brought to us than get it ourselves.
  • We would rather wait for the rains to wash our cars than take them to the auto-wash (In Goa, they call it a ‘hand job’! … yeah, yeah, yeah … laughing are you? There is a signboard in St. Inez, Panjim that actually advertises it that way!!!).
  • Even our women will say, ‘Let me sleep no! … but if you must, you may do it while I sleep!’
  • If only curry remains from the day before, we will fry fish and add it to the curry instead of making more afresh! When it comes to gossip, you cannot beat a Goan … he farts in Goa but the smell reaches his relatives in London.
  • A Goan’s bible is always as good as new (once dusted off of the cobwebs from under the altar shelf!). A Christian Goan will sleep during the family rosary until his turn to pray a decade, that too after much prodding by the grandmom.
  • Goan matchmakers are the best … they don’t investigate into the lives of the couple prior to making the ‘soirik’ (Proposal). Back in those days, my grandmom told me of this girl who was very pretty on the day of the wedding but after a month, ALL HER TEETH fell off!!!
  • A Goan does not hesitate to serve his guest ‘sanitogen’ syrup instead of wine when there is no more wine left in the house! (This is bloody true! Believe me! Seen someone do it!).
  • A Goan altar boy has had a sip of the mass wine at least once when the priest is busy in the confessional!
  • Even though a Goan will be struggling financially, he will still celebrate his wedding in grand style (on borrowed money). The whole village will be invited (Of both, the bride and groom) for the wedding (Not to forget the busload attending the ‘apounnem’ the next day!)
  • There is a feast for each day of the year in some village or another in Goa. Some are celebrated in great style.
  • There is a ‘ladainha’ at almost every cross outside homes, bordering roads or on beaches, mountains and hills in Goa, at least once a year.
  • It is normal for contractors to delay works in Goa with ‘legitimate’ excuses like – Attending village feast, christenings, funerals, sickness,weddings etc. etc.
  • It is normal to find badly constructed buildings in Goa. When asked, the contractor will show you another building to prove his is better! (i.e. Your building is ‘best of the worst’!)
  • Since everyone checks the gills of the fish for freshness, some even put fish blood on the gills of fish that is ‘not-so-fresh’!

I believe these are enough to make you smile. I could go on and on and on …

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