This might sound scary but honestly, this is one of the stories told by my maternal grandmom who was known to tell only true stories!

According to her, if a pregnant lady died, black magicians would be on the lookout for this ‘Alvantin’s’ (Konkanni name for such a corpse?) grave and would keep a watch over it until the body had completely decomposed. Then, at an opportune time, he would dig up the grave and select that one important bone from the grave that would give him immense magical powers, allowing him to enslave spirits to make them do whatever he commanded them to!

I shuddered then and even now as i write, my hair stands at the recollection of this wierd story. I write wondering if anyone else was told a similar story and if there is more to it then what i was told … Maybe the story comes down from Goan oral tradition ? Do send me your take on this story.

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