The ‘Stone Age’ of Goa


Do you know what I love doing when I am in Goa? At least one of the things I love doing … apart from taking a drive through Chandor or visit Big Foot (If I have a non-Goan guest with me) and the customary visit to Old Goa … is to visit GOA CHITRA! Why?

It is one place that kindles my past memories of an ‘older’ Goa when times were slower and more lasting memories could be made, the fruit of which I am enjoying today and sharing with you through my posts. I won’t write more about Goa Chitra and the thankless work that my amigo Victor Gomes (Lovingly known as ‘Pisso Bakar’ in friendly circles but one who is far from being a ‘pisso’!) is doing, because I want my readers to experience it themselves … and when you go, ensure that Victor himself takes you around the place.

It is amazing just how many kitchen appliances were made out of stone. The ‘rogdo’ (A heavy round granite stone base with a deep pocket that had a tear-drop shaped stone grinder) and the ‘fatore’ (A flat stone base with a stone roller), were mainstays of a Goan kitchen. Then there was the ‘ann-musoll’, a hollowed out stone buried into the kitchen floor with a long wooden club-shaped beater for the de-husking of the rice. Sometimes even the sink at the kitchen window was built out of a hollowed out stone, with a steel pipe inserted into it from the outside to drain the water out into a gutter.

Other places where granite stone would be used was the pocket at doorpivots, to resist the wear and tear of cement. Also, soil tamping would be done by a circular disk of granite, with a hole in the centre where a solid core bambo would be passed through (‘knot’ at the bottom end and wooden wedges on the top end to keep the pole in place).

One will see more uses of stones in Goa Chitra where even toilets have been carved out of stone!


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